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“Proof this system can work for you!...”

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The short 2 minute video below shows one of our many automated marketing techniques that found 24 highly targeted prospects in just 90 minutes...
one joined at the $3,500 level and one at the $6,500 level!

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This Automated Marketing Formula has been proven to be the simplest marketing system available; ensuring that you get the fastest possible results.

See how so many people are seeing VERY fast results with this simple yet professional marketing approach, web site, and telephone system,... even when they've failed miserably in the past in other programs...


“$18,000 week!...”

“If you're looking for a simple system...then allow me to be the first to welcome you.”

“What I was most excited about was the system I could plug into...”

“I've made over $45,000 my very first month, my average sale is $6500...”

“The great part is that it's fully automated; from the marketing to the sales...”

“I'm talking about working less than 2 hours a day and making over $10,000 a month!...”

It's no secret but it is the key to your success and ours. It is the most important component in the Turbo Wealth's wealth building power!

The answer is in marketing High Ticket items that produce Huge up front profits and Huge Reoccurring sales where other people (people you've sold to) are marketing for you! It's the 1 up compensation plan built into the system combined with marketing high ticket items that gives us all unlimited income potential!

So without MLM and pestering friends and family you get substantial and steady cash flow without doing all the work!

The One-Up Pay Plan will generate income faster than any other type of compensation plan. With direct member to-member payments, you are paid all of your commission upfront, with no waiting, and it's paid directly to you!

This Pay Plan has consistently been proven to be the fairest and most profitable in the industry.

The TWS Pay Plan is based on the highly successful, highly lucrative, "One-Up" concept.

The "One-Up" simply means that commissions generated on your first sale, along with the person making the product purchase, will "pass up" to your sponsor. We call this your "qualifying sale."

Watch the video above to learn more about this powerful Pay Plan.

Once qualified, every sale after that creates an endless pay line of commissions for you. There are no limits to how many sales you can make, therefore, no limits to how many pay lines you can have.

Each pay line will earn you a commission from the product sale, and each of those new members will also have to give you a "qualifying sale". YOU will be the one to benefit from the qualifying sale, by receiving the commission from the sale and the creation of a new pay line. Your commissions are truly unlimited!

Of course, as explained in detail on our webinar, if you take advantage of our 24 hour Action Takers Bonus at the $20,000 Elite Royal level, this One-Up qualification sale is waived. This means you never have to pass up a qualification sale and you start earning 100% commissions immediately on your very first sale!

Frequently Asked Questions...

  1. What is Turbo Wealth Solution??
  1. The Turbo Wealth Solution is a strong, progressive team of independent business owners and leaders. Our business is a simple, legitimate international Direct Sales opportunity that allows normal people without entrepreneurial experience to better ourselves financially by helping others realize their financial freedom.
  1. What are the Products?
  1. (Click The Image Below To Review Our Product Packages)
  1. How much does it cost for the Product Packages?
  1. Purchasing a product package is how you start your business. There is a One-Time Cost for the Product Package: Bronze $1,000 (plus $247 admin fee) Silver $2000 (plus $247 admin fee), Gold $3500 (plus $247 admin fee), Platinum $6500 (plus $247 admin fee), Diamond $12,000 (plus $247 admin fee), and Elite $20,000 (plus $247 admin fee). There is NO monthly autoship!
  1. If I want to UPGRADE to a higher Level, how much do I pay?
  1. Let say you started out at the Gold Level ($3,500) and you want to move up to Platinum ($6,500). You pay the DIFFERENCE of the amount, which is $3,000. Once your sponsor receives the UPGRADE payment, they can then ACTIVATE your Platinum Product level. This works the same way when upgrading to any level.
  1. Will you show me how to duplicate exactly what you’re doing to be successful?
  1. YES. You are not reinventing the wheel; you are simply plugging into our proven marketing strategies that are already working for our members. You will be duplicating what every other successful member of TWS is doing.
  1. Q. How do you make money with this business?
  1. There are 4 ways you can make money:
    1. Your Personal Sales.
    2. The 1-UP Qualifying/Training sale.
    3. The Roll-up.
    4. Personal Team Member Upgrades.
  1. What is a 1-UP Qualifier?
  1. A 1-UP Qualifier is where you MUST give up your FIRST sale to your sponsor. For each level that you join (there are 6 levels) you have to give up your first person. Once you give up your first sale, then you're now QUALIFIED to receive EVERY sale for the level(s) that you're qualified for. Example: You're a Gold Director ($3,500 level), your first sale comes in at the Silver level ($2,000), it goes up to your sponsor. Your second sale comes in at Gold, just like you. You will receive $2,000, and the balance of $1,500 goes to your sponsor. You're now completely qualified at Gold.
  1. What is a Roll-Up and how does it work?
  1. A Roll-Up happens when YOUR sale comes in at a higher level than you are qualified at. Example: You’re a Gold Director ($3,500). Your sale comes in at Platinum ($6,500). You will keep $3,500 and the balance of $3,000 will “Roll-Up” to your sponsor or the next person above you who is Qualified at the Platinum level.
  1. How often do you get paid?
  1. When you make a sale, payments are sent DIRECTLY TO YOU. You can accept payment however you want. Some payment methods used by our members are Cashier’s Checks, Personal Checks, Money Orders, Bank Wires or Direct Deposit. Our 2 primary methods of payment are cashier’s check and bank wire.
  1. I’ve lost a lot of money in the past. Can I make money with this?
  1. Absolutely! If you’re open and willing to be taught, we’ll SHOW you exactly how to earn as quickly as your first week. People are sick and tired of MLM programs and the tiny checks they produce AND we offer a lucrative alternative PLUS the realistic potential of a 6 figure income in the very first year in business.
  1. I’m a Newbie. I have no marketing experience. Can I still do this?
  1. Absolutely. We actually prefer NEWBIES over seasoned marketers. Less work to have to deprogram a person from BAD marketing habits, and retrain them how to do it correctly. If you’re WILLING and OPEN to learn, you can do ANYTHING, not just this. With all the training and resources that we have in place, you will become a pro. Did we mention that this program is the EASIEST and SIMPLEST business that you’ll ever do!
  1. Will you help me build and grow MY TEAM?
  1. Not only is our training for YOU, it’s also for the people that you will be bringing on board. The only way for us to duplicate the success that we have is by having everyone follow the same steps, patterns, and training.
  1. Where can I go to get started ASAP after I've listened to the Voice-mail Hotline and I'm ready to join?
  1. At the end of the voice-mail hotline call, you will be able to leave a message and your call will be returned promptly.

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Spencer & Jo Brown
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Averaging over 20k a month!


If you would like to start receiving cash, cashiers checks and money orders of $3,500 and $6,500 as soon as the next 72 hours, then watch the Turbo Wealth Solution webinar NOW!!!

Earnings Disclaimer (Please read)
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